Travel Photography by Dan Bretl

This slideshow contains all of Dan Bretl’s travel photography. Images are displayed in groups as they were shot and appeared on his blog. The most recent groups of images will display first followed by older ones.

To pause the slideshow, simply click the pause button or else press your spacebar. To manually navigate the slideshow, you can move forward or backward by clicking the “+” or “-” buttons, by pressing your right or left arrow keys, or by clicking the right or left edges of the currently displayed image. You can also jump around by clicking image thumbnails in the navigation strip at the bottom. To manually navigate between all groups of photos, either click the button in the lower-left corner of the viewing window, or else press your ‘g’ key. If the slideshow is not responding to your keyboard commands, just click on the viewing window once to call your computer’s attention to it and then try again. To enter full screen mode, click on a group of images to start a slideshow, and then click the lower right-hand button that looks like a box with an arrow.

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